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Expired Fire Extinguishers Should Be Replaced in Time

 Sep. 01, 2017

Fire extinguishers have a period of use, expired fire extinguishers must be replaced in time. Fire extinguisher filled with chemical substances, if long-term under-maintenance or rust,  the bottle will be corroded, when using, the bottle will not be able to withstand the pressure to explosive danger. Especially carbon dioxide, foam, dry powder and other fire extinguishers. Expired fire extinguishers exist security risks, must be promptly replaced to avoid chemical failure or caking.

According to reports, the Ministry of Public Security regulations, when fire extinguishers reach a certain number of years, it must be scrapped.

Portable chemical foam, acid and alkali fire extinguisher: 5 years; Portable water fire extinguisher: 6 years; Portable dry powder fire extinguisher and cart type chemical foam fire extinguisher: 8 years; Portable 1211 fire extinguisher, portable storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher, cart type 1211 fire extinguisher and cart type dry powder fire extinguisher: 10 years; Carts storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher, cart type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and portable co2 fire extinguisher: 12 years.

 Portable Co2 Fire Extinguisher