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What Are The Main Uses of Fire Equipment?

  Nov. 10, 2017

Fire Water Gun: Fire water gun fire extinguishing water injection tool, with its connection with the hose will be intensive intensive flow of water. The advantages of fire water gun has a long range, large amount of water and other advantages.

Fire hydrant box: usually there is a fire extinguisher on the following, in case of a fire alarm, according to the way the door open, press the spring lock on the door, the pin automatically exit, open the door, remove the water gun pull the water reel , Pull out the water, while the hose interface and the fire hydrant interface connection, pull the kilometer wall power switch inside the box, the indoor fire hydrant hand wheel along the opening direction unscrew, that can sprinkler.

Fire Hose

Hook-and-buckle: for hoses, fire engines, fire hydrants, water gun connection between. In order to transport water and foam mixture for fire fighting. It consists of the body, ring seat, rubber ring and the ring gear until the components, ring groove seat for Zhashui. With good sealing, quick and easy connection, easy to fall off and so on.

Fire hose: Fire hose According to the material can be divided into a lined fire hose and unlined fire hose two.

Indoor fire hydrant: From the classification of fire hydrants can know that there are indoor and outdoor fire hydrant, indoor fire hydrant is a fixed fire fighting tools. The main role is to control combustibles, isolated combustion aid, eliminate the source of fire.

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