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6L Water Extinguisher China
6L Water Extinguisher China
6L Water Extinguisher China

6L Water Extinguisher China

Excellent Performance
Fire Rating:13A
Out-diameter:160 mm
Volume:7.5 L
Cylinder length:445 mm
Extinguisher weight:10.1 kg  
Cylinder weight:  3.42 kg
Temperature range:0℃~ +60℃
Max working pressure:  15 bar
Test pressure:30 bar
Min wall thickness:1.24 mm


Design,manufacture and inspection comply with EN3 standard.

Cylinder is listed with European Directive PED97/23/EC,with CE mark.Polyethylene internal lining safeguards against corrosion.

High-grade brass head valve assembly with pressure release valve ecsures reliability and optimises efficiency with EN3 Approval.

Precision built mechanical pressure gauge provides a very accurate indication of extinuisher's pressure status,with EN3 Approval.

Water fire extinguishers are particularly effective for cooling and penetrating the fire.

Strong plastic skirt.

Silk screen print or Sticker label to choose.